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RC Cars and Trucks! Dear Fellow Enthusiast,

Buying rc cars and building and racing them is one of the most exciting and fastest growing hobbies on the planet! These power-packed machines are enjoyed by people of all ages.

I created to provide beginners and up with lots of insider information and advice on how to get the maximum pleasure out of this wildly intoxicating hobby. There are also plenty of helpful tips and suggestions to save you time and money. Unlike toy remote (aka radio) controlled vehicles, hobby quality rc cars are tunable and very durable. But best of all, they possess the kind of speed and raw power that will really get your adrenaline pumping!

RC cars come as both Ready to Run (RTR) -- meaning that no assembly is required -- and in build-it-yourself kits. Gaining in popularity are Almost Ready to Run (ARR) kits, which are kits that are mostly pre-built right out of the box.

The top manufacturers offer a wide variety of rc cars with electric battery and nitro gas powered engines. There is a difference in price and effort, but both are extremely popular among hobbyists.

No matter which rc car or truck you buy, and no matter what you use it for -- racing, truck pulls, or just slamming about in the backyard -- getting behind the wheel of one of these fun machines truly is an exhilarating experience... ...And you can do it on your own OR with friends who share the same passion. It’s important to get to know your rc cars and trucks inside and out. That way you can be sure that you’re giving them the best treatment, and in return, they're giving you top-notch performance. Once you learn the basics, the sky’s the limit! So start your engine and have a blast exploring the RC-Car-Fun terrain!

Sincerely, Michael Holland

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