Popular Manufacturers of RC Cars and Trucks...

Which type of rc cars and trucks are you looking for? Well, I can tell you that the sizes, designs, and categories are increasing rapidly as this fun hobby grows in popularity on an almost daily basis.

Let's see...rc cars and trucks now range anywhere in size from 1:4 scale all the way down to the tiny 1:64 minis. The 1:10 scale is the most popular, by the way.

They come in 2 or 4 wheel drive. Not much else can be done with that.

Remote/radio control cars and trucks are powered by electric battery or nitro gas engines. Everyone has their opinion, but many people say that, in general, nitro cars will beat electic cars on a straight track...but electric rc cars have the edge on a curved track.

As far as the types of rc cars and trucks, you have two major categories -- on-road and off-road. The on-road rc vehicles include touring and pan cars.

Touring cars are the most popular of rc cars. They are meant to be raced on smooth surfaces. Pan rc cars are similar to touring cars, but they are specifically designed for racing on ovals.

For off-road vehicles, you have trucks and buggies -- and monster trucks if you want to get technical. RC trucks are just like the ones you see on the road everyday.

They are sturdy and are usually the beginner's choice when buying that first off-road rc vehicle.

Buggies look just like dune buggies and are pretty nimble machines. They have a wider wheel-base than trucks. Buggies are a popular choice if the goal is to enter competitions that require lots of jumping.

Finally, rc monster trucks are great if you're looking to bash around the backyard or enter rc truck pulls. As you might expect, they are big, with huge tires, and all wheel drive. Plus, they just look cool!

Now that I've given you a quick overview of what's in the rc cars and trucks marketplace, here's a list of the top manufacturers of these amazing machines. Click on the links to read my rc car and truck reviews...

Traxxas - They coined the term "Ready to Run"!

Team Associated - 16 world racing championships. Need I say more?!

HPI - A popular choice among hobbyists -- especially beginners!

Tamiya - Talk about realistic looking cars...WOW!

Thunder Tiger - These guys know the meaning of power!


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